PHOTOS CANTABRIA : photographs of the Pasiegos Valleys in Cantabria - Spain.





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One of the most beautiful places of Cantabria has been the Pasiega region, a place that conserve its tradition and culture with own character and clearly differentiated from the mountain culture of the rest of Cantabria, and where one of its marked characteristics more has been the isolation, reason for which conserve intact until for very just a short time many of its customs.




Capital of the municipality of the same name nailed in the region of the Pas, very next to the Park of the Nature of Cabárceno.

Its great wealth architectonic, civil as, as much religiously pertaining mainly to centuries XVI and XVII, did that the town of Liérganes was declared joint historical in 1999, emphasizing like more important monument of the municipality the Palace-Museum of Elsedo.



Puente Viesgo

Capital of the municipality of the same name, located in the region of the Pas, the zone center of the region.

Its extraordinary tourist resources, materialized in its exceptional prehistoric caves of Monte Castillo, its famous mining-medicinal and thermal waters, as well as their rich salmoneros wells, have made of Puente Viesgo an enclave of singular importance and tourist reference of the valley of the Pas.




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