PHOTOS CANTABRIA : photographs of the Santander in Cantabria - Spain.





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In Santander and its proximities we found a great diversity of places of tourist interest that offer diverse attractive for their visit, emphasizing the Capital (great monument diversity, Stroll of Pereda, Palace of Festivales, the Palace of the Magdalena, the Sardinero and its beaches), Liencres (with its Natural Park, the system to dunar more extensive of all the Cantabrian coast), Peña Cabarga  (whose summit offers impressive a panoramic one of almost all Cantabria), the Park of the Nature of Cabárceno (zoological the most extensive one of Europe, unique in its species).




Santander, capital of Cantabria, modern and cosmopolitan city located in one of the most beautiful bays of the world. Located in privileged landscaping surroundings it combines the urban flavor of a dynamic and commercial city with natural spaces of exceptional beauty, with ample green zones and beaches.

Santander mainly enjoys an attractive cultural atmosphere and nocturne at summer time, offering to the visitor an intense one and variable supply of playful activities and leisure.



Park and Palace of the Magdalena

The Peninsula of the Magdalena is located between the urban nucleus of the city of Santander and the zone of the Sardinero.

It is a park that occupies 25 hectares and that are crowned by the Palace of the Magdalena, it calls to account summer of king Alfonso XIII and at the moment the International Menéndez Pelayo soothes of the University.

It lodges a small zoo, real stables and an infantile zone of games next to the beach of the Magdalena.



Park of the Nature of Cabárceno

A zoological one located in a natural space is that has been modified by one old open-cast mining operation and that has given rise to this animal park located in a karst landscape.

It is a spectacular paradise of the fauna that welcomes in conditional release hundreds of animal of all the Earth continents, which they are distributed in enclosures of great surfaces where they coexist one or several species.

It is an ideal place to spend the day in family since it has numerous zones of recreation, merenderos, cafeterias, restaurants, infantile park…



Natural park of Dunes of Liencres

This park is considered as the enclave to dunar of greater importance and extension of the Cantabrian coast, of great landscaping beauty and with geologic, botanical characteristics and of fauna singular.

Located in the left margin of the Pas river, on a rocky peninsula, the park consists of a system to dunar flanked by four sandy beaches, the one laughs of it of Mogro, the Puntal, Valdearenas and Canallave




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Parque de Cabárceno

Cientos de animales en régimen de semilibertad.


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