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Zone located between valleys of the rivers Saja and Nansa, includes the dead grounds of the Natural Park of Oyambre and the National Reserve of the Saja.

It is a paradise for the ecological, rural and active tourism, with an important historical-artistic patrimony.

They predominate the guaranteed tranquillity and an ebullient nature, being able to enjoy so much the mountain as of the sea, which allows the practice of diverse activities of adventure like senderismo routes, quads, reduction of canoes, rafting, surf…



Barcena Mayor

Pertaining to the municipality of the Tojos, within the framework incomparable of the Reserve of the Saja, one is the locality of Bárcena Mayor, one of the historical-artistic urban sets more beautiful singulars and of Cantabria.

Their spotted streets, colorful of their houses and their surroundings turn natural it into one of the corners with more enchantment of the zone where still multiple cheers stay traditions craftswomen, between whom they emphasize the wood works mainly.




The municipality of Cabuérniga including in the Reserve of the Saja, owns an immense forest and landscaping wealth. One of most representative of the customs and regional traditions is considered, since it conserves better than nobody the ethnography and folklore of Cantabria.

One of the rural nuclei better conserved is Carmona, declared joint historical and where their groupings of typical houses stay intact over the years, being its building more characteristic the palace of the Rubín de Celis, today turned into inn.



San Sebastián de Garabandal

In the municipality of Rionansa is the locality of San Sebastián de Garabandal,   that it exerts a remarkable attraction on the religious tourism, based on the supposed appearances of the Virgin to four children in the decade of the 60.  Still today they continue arriving pilgrims that, atraidos by the faith or the curiosity approach the place.

In the high part of the town a small sanctuary has risen and we can both read messages that the Virgin left to the children.



San Vicente de la Barquera

Municipality of the coastal region, located in the northwest of Cantabria and next to as important localities as Comillas, Santillana del Mar or Suances.

San Vicente de la Barquera, capital of the municipality, is the marine town par excellence, as it is pronounced in all traditions, customs and until in his more popular celebrations, like the Folía and the procession of the Carmen. By the great natural and patrimonial beauty that lodges this enclave, he is one of referring the tourist ones of the region.




Municipality nailed in the valley of the Nansa, in which still an immersed atmosphere in the rural traditions can be lived and that count on a high landscaping quality.

Tudanca is the most interesting nucleus, declared joint historical-artistic and where the rustic houses abound, between which it emphasizes the Large house of Tudanca, turned into museum and that lodges a splendid library.

Tudanca is also the name with which it is known a race of bovine cattle, native of Cantabria, whose meats are of highest quality.




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San Vicente de la Barquera

Localidad emblemática en la provincia de Cantabria.


Cueva El Soplao

La cavidad guarda en su interior un paraíso natural.


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