PHOTOS CANTABRIA : photographs of the central coast in Cantabria - Spain.





Costa Central




Valles Pasiegos






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Guía de alojamientos en Cantabria.

IBERICA TOURISM: rent of apartaments, cottages, hotels and rural houses in Spain.




One extends from the opening of the Pas (Miengo) to Ría of Rabia (Comillas), presenting/displaying elevated steep alternated with numerous beaches of fine sands and sea breams of extraordinary quality. They have attractive rural surroundings like the one of Usgo; others like those of Cóbreces and Mogro, count on good accesses and are calm, being those of Comillas and Suances with urban surroundings the most frequented at the summer time.

The population centers, as much the slabs as some of the interior lock up a great historical and monumental wealth, being but excellent the medieval town of Santillana del Mar and Comillas.



Alfoz de Lloredo

Its relief allows to distinguish the coastal zone, with its cliffs and beaches, of the inner zone, marked by leafy valleys, offering therefore a beautiful landscape of resistances.

In its landscape they excel of special form the beach of Cóbreces, the cliffs of Oreña, the valley of Novales and Cigüenza and the locality of Fresnedo, where they are possible to be contemplated beautiful panoramic.




Comillas are considered like one of the most tourist and emblematic localities of Cantabria and one of most interesting from the architectonic point of view.

The town counts on some of the most important buildings of the modernismo in Cantabria, like the Sobrellano Palace, the Pontifical University and “the Whim” of Catalan architect Gaudí.




Miengo emphasizes its natural beauty, with numerous beaches (Marzán, Usgo, the Horses, Mogro, Robayera) its salt marshes and the small barren islands that seed their coast.

The municipality conserves prehistoric vestiges in the caves of the La Pila, in Cuchía and Cudón. Especially outstanding this last one, that belongs to Paleolithic Superior and lodges engravings and cave paintings.



Santillana del Mar

By its history and natural wealth, Santillana del Mar is one of the most attractive points of Cantabria and one of its main centers of tourist attention.

The medieval town lodges between its spotted streets jewels like the Collegiate church of Santa Juliana, with its cloister Romanesque, surrounded by numerous houses and noble palaces that conform magical surroundings.

In the environs the Caves and Museum of Altamira, that probably count on more famous prehistoric paintings of the world.




Coastal surroundings of great beauty that captivates by its places and places of leisure, where to discover all the enchantment of the nature.

Suances is an emblematic municipality within the Cantabrian tourism, with one varied and completes hotel supply, and that counts on privileged beaches.




Turismo Cantabria

Alojamientos, restaurantes e información turística.


Santillana del Mar

Principal centro de interés

histórico-artístico - Cantabria.


Villa de Comillas

Localidad emblemática en la provincia de Cantabria.


Villa de Suances

Localidad que dispone de unas magnificas playas.